A. Fill in the blanks:


1. GIF                         2. 1987            3. Tools Palette           4. Specific area

5. Black triangle          6. Palettes        7. Gradient                  8. Selection tool


B. State True or False:


1. True             2. False            3. True             4. False            5. True


C. Application Based Questions:


1. Crop Tool                2. Lasso Tool


D. Multiple Choice Questions:


1. (b) CC                     2. (a) Thomas Knoll                3. (b) Context Menu  

4. (a) psd                     5. (c) Crop                               6. (b) Ctrl + D


E. Answer the following Questions:


  1. What is Adobe Photoshop? Explain the features of Adobe Photoshop.

A.  Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed by Adobe Systems. It is widely used by millions of graphics artists, web developers, photographers, as well as common people to create posters, magazine covers, book covers, brochures, etc., Some of the features of Adobe Photoshop are given below:

    • Photo editing can be done in lesser time and with little effort.
    • It has powerful tools to enhance or change the colour of an image.
    • It is used to create graphics for web applications with reduced file size, thereby, helping in faster loading of the website.


  1. What is the use of Magic Wand Tool?

A.  The Magic Wand tool is used to automatically select the adjacent areas of the same colour in an image.


  1. What do you understand by Cropping?
  1. Cropping refers to the removal of unwanted areas of an image. With the help of Crop tool you can select a specified area which you want to focus and remove the unwanted parts of a picture.


  1. What is the difference between Marquee and Lasso Tool?
  A.   A marquee tool is used to select an image or part of it in rectangular, square, elliptical or circular  shape, whereas Lasso tool is used for selecting irregular shapes.