A.        Fill in the blanks:


1. Table           2. Criteria        3. Or                4. Sort             5. Design Grid              6. Report


B.        State True or False:


1.True        2. False       3.True          4. False        5.True       6. False            7. False            8. True


C.        Application Based Questions:


1. In Criteria field of Design grid type <50 in the Marks field.         2. Form


D.        Multiple Choice Questions:


1. (b) Update                          2. (b) Two                                3. (b) Create               

4. (a) Selected table                 5. (b) Three                              6. (a) Primary key



E.         Answer the following:


  1. What is a Query?

A.  A Query is a database object that is used to extract some information from the database.


  1. Explain the parts of a query window?

A. The Query window has two panes: Top and Bottom. The top pane displays the table(s) selected for the query. The bottom pane displays the Design Grid.


  1. What do you understand by Criteria?

A.  Criteria is a condition on the basis of which the records are filtered in the Query output.


  1. Into how many types a query can be categorised?
  1. MS Access provides four types of queries:

         Select query   

         Update query 

         Crosstab query

         Append query.


  1. Explain how to add fields to a query.

A.  You can add fields to the query by dragging them from the field list to the design grid or by double-clicking on the field.


  1. What is a Form? Briefly explain its use.

A.  A form is an Access object that allows the user to add and update data in one record at a time in a table. Data can be easily inserted, updated and deleted from a table using a Form. If you change a record in a form, it will be reflected in a table also.


  1. What is a report?
   A.  Report is an effective way to organise and summarise data for viewing or printing. It can be created    exactly in the same way as we create a form.